A salt rose, or topaz.

I know no other way than this:

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violent delights and violent ends

Who. Hello, you. Welcome to my home. I'm daydream11 and one of my best friends loves to call me Athena. I've been writing all about my life here for the a little over a decade now. I'm an Aries, a Slytherin, and an INTJ. I'm both a sharp-edged realist and a hopeless romantic that dreams of that fairy tale ending, and I'm beginning to think those two things go hand-in-hand. I'm a social justice activist. I am far too neurotic and perfectionist for my own good (quite literally). I daydream far too much and cry more than people would guess. I'm a walking paradox. I'm in my mid-20s.
Loves & Likes. I'm into lots of things. The enduring loves are history, astrology, Harry Potter, Avatar: the Last Airbender, astronomy, social justice, feminism, Jane the Virgin, Rumi, Pablo Neruda, and badass women. I read whenever I can grab the time. I may or may not be a writer - it's been a while since I've truly devoted time to it, but I'm still fond of it and I'll finish that novel eventually.
I am a sky where spirits live.
Stare into this deepening blue,
while the breeze says a secret.
Like this.
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